Product Liability

Product Liability involves injuries or death caused by a defective product.  Through neglect or a desire to save money, manufacturers sometimes create products that injure or kill the product’s end user.  Product liability cases often involve “strict liability,” meaning that whether or not negligence has occurred, the manufacturer is still liable.  If a defect in the product results in injury or death, then the manufacturer or the defendant can be held liable.

All products must be engineered, manufactured, and labeled correctly.  As a consumer, you have the right to assume that the products you use are safe.  When it is not, and an individual is injured or dies, the manufacturer (and sometimes engineer, retailer, or wholesaler) may be held liable.

Personal injury law surrounding products liability stems from the manufacturer’s failure to design safeguards for their products’ foreseeable uses as well as warn of known and reasonably foreseeable hazards associated with the use of the product.  The consumer must also read and heed all warnings and labels provided by the manufacturer.  When the consumer upholds his or her responsibilities and is still injured, he or she may sue the manufacturer for manufacturing and marketing a faulty product.

Examples of product liability cases include faulty designed:

  • vehicles
  • aircraft
  • boat
  • motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • industrial machines
  • car seats
  • appliances

The attorneys at Reddick Moss also handle pharmaceutical/drug product claims. These cases include other injuries and claims resulting from design, marketing, or manufacturing defects caused by manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers.

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